Sep 21, 2013

The Most Beautiful Wedding Movie

Most of the wedding can not be copied : " Gone with the Wind "

Release: 1939

Story : The film without much introduction, male and female respectively, by Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh plays . Described in the United States during the Civil War between Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler 's love story. Vivien Leigh played a cat-like woman Scarlett , she was wearing the French palace-style wedding into the wedding hall, this scene and the film as a classic.

Most " flexible" wedding : "Marriage major combat "

Release: 2009

Starring: Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway

Story : a pair of good friends received a bouquet at a wedding together , so happily married now with preparations for the wedding ...... is not really an easy thing to do , to get married once likened the war too. In the film, two sisters chose the same style of wedding dress is very beautiful.

The most retro wedding : " Runaway Bride "

Release: 1999

Starring: Richard Gill , Julia Roberts

Story: Maggie and the prospective groom had three foot red carpet at the other end because marriage phobia while fleeing forced marriages . This immediately caused a reporter Ike interest. The fourth is preparing with her ​​boyfriend into the wedding hall of Maggie again fleeing forced marriages , and decided eye for an eye person in his body , launched retaliatory action against Ike ...... Julia Roberts plays " Runaway Bride " wearing low-cut dress , her Jiaohao off a more perfect body , chest embroidered the highlights of her elegance.

The most punk wedding : "Sex and the City"

Release: 2008

Story: " Sex and the City " movie version, the actress Kelly finally get married , the wedding will naturally become the biggest movie of the highlights of many costumes .

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