Mar 20, 2013


once upon a time there was a king, he has two daughters and their tears would turn into diamonds. The eldest daughter married a Prince who built a castle with her tears, and the younger daughter married a shephed. When the King was on his deathbed , he saw his elder daughter was wearing gold and silver, but the younger one with the sheperd remained poor, The king was surprised: just one drop of tear can make you rich. Shepherd answered: but I don't want let her cry... ...

Mar 13, 2013

2013 Trends in Hairstyles for Brides Oppose

In 2013, trends in hairstyles for brides oppose:
hair down or buns ... The choice is yours!

If your preference leans on the buns, here are 20 different hairstyles
to help you find the hairstyle of your dreams, the one that will accompany
from morning to night your big day, and sublimate your dress sets the tone for your wedding ...

Glamour and romance are the key words for 2013 ...
A wide choice is offered to you: bun wise

Mar 5, 2013

Go through all over the world with holding your hand

Russian photographer the Murad Osmann, all photos are his girlfriend holding his
Hands go to different parts of the world. Take you to all the beautiful places, whether downtown or silence, as long as you hold me, is the whole world

The Russian photographer the Murad Osmann and his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova

Mar 3, 2013

Around the Marriage

This shop is themed "Around the marriage" and proposes six categories:
Very romantic, delicate and powdery, this collection is a reflection of the ultra bohemian home Manivet {LoVe}

{1} & Brunch Hall
For your civil ceremony, you can wear a medium such as a set consisting of a skirt and a shirt with long sleeves. The short coat vintage "embroidered silk fringe" is a marvel!

{2} Honeymoon
For his honeymoon, you want to be the best and most especially attractive ...
Delphine Collin realize your innermost desires by creating a swimsuit white wedding 2 rooms, perfectly matched with sensual lace maxi skirt. My favorite is the robe for sunbathing: the plunging halter and transparency will make you irresistible!

{3} Kimonos
To arouse the curiosity of your husband or share your intimate moments, let yourself be tempted by the sublime wedding Kimono, "worked in the purest Japanese tradition" ...

{4} Flower Girl
Delphine Collin also thought the Mini Miss ...
As this adorable ruffled skirt, tank top with sublimated and satin bow {LoVe} or the beautiful long dress Calais lace!

{5} Accessories
To accessorize your stylish outfits, discover a refined choice for bars procession, a beautiful wreath with a size adapted for children, a beautiful vintage shawl, and many other surprises ...

{6} The wedding trousseau
Icing on the cake you can complete your "trousseau" with one of the five veils brides are presented, such as the 20s, retro and desire in the mind of the one worn by Lily Allen at her wedding . More current, if you want a style that is both bohemian and trendy veil with lace is perfect example how to tie pirate ...