Oct 11, 2012

ABC about the Pandora jewelry

Danish jewelery brand Pandora jewelry which is famous for making the charming and high –quality jewelry sweeping the globe is the third-largest jewelry brand on sales in the world. Pandora jewelry brand make the beautiful and exquisite jewelry in the way of capture the unforgettable moment in our lives to win the customers’ purchase from all over the world. You may know the 2012 spring and summer series of Pandora brand jewelry. In this series, the source of the inspirations are from nature and flower and the designer use the gender detail and the retro Art Nouveau to design the retro eternal beauty. And we name this Pandora jewelry series as retro flower. This series remind people of the charming elegance of the past. And it released the mellow atmosphere and the modern element from the female.  The Pandora rings with the gender flower bloom in the ring which make of 14K gold and sterling silver. The silver Pandora bracelets shinning and the exquisite flower carved onto the Pinctada gives us the gentle gloss shine. And the exquisite openwork pendants dragonfly which makes of sterling silver is lifelike. 

In 1982, Pandora jewelry establishes their first retail store in Copenhagen, Denmark. And now the Pandora jewelry already has more than ten thousand counters in over 47 countries.  And 260 counters are Pandorabrand concept store. The jewelry original name of Pandora comes from a Athens myth. 
It is said that Prometheus stole the fire from Gold. He give the fire to the folk. Zeus commanded the Hephaestus to create a beautiful woman--Pandora in order to revenge and he let the Gods give lots of gifts to Pandora. The God of wise Athena give her beautiful clothes and God of love Aphrodite give her the beautiful face. And Hephaestus created a beautiful necklace to her. Zeus give her a Box and he said she could not open the Box and then Zeus sent Pandora to the folk. Pandora owned a strong curiosity. Finally she opened the Box. When she look over the Box, the evil things like sickness, devil flee out of the Box. She could not see these things. She found there was nothing in the Box and she finally closed the Box. Fortunately, the last elf remains in the Box. It was the Hope. It represented the hope and opportunity. So the Pandora jewelry is also the representation of hope and opportunity. 
The designers of Pandora jewelry are Ron frand and Nuola Sen. They want to have the extraordinary effect that each women will show their personality among the crowd. Women will show their personality through the jewelry which they design themselves. In 2000, Pandora pendants bracelets are quite popular with the customers. Pandora Jewelry turned the direction of steering a unique patented concept: pendants and bracelets, can self-select any combination of personalized bracelet. 
In Pandora jewelry design concept, to supply the personalized opportunity to the customer is the most important part. “we want the women express themselves freely” explained the Nuola Sen. You can create the Pandora jewelry as your wish. She said that the customer of Pandora jewelry collect the different styles of Pandora jewelry to match their jewelry. Pandora jewelry can fit for your unique antique as well. 

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