Nov 30, 2011

Special Wedding Dresses Which Must Have Your Favorite-Part 1

Here's a look at the most ridiculous mistakes of all...horrifically awesome bridal gowns...Hold on tight because here comes the bride!

Part one-Sooooooooooooooooo Sexy Wedding Dresses!


Nov 23, 2011

The Queen Bayliy-Little Black Dress

Do you know Brand Bayliy?Do you like Black? Do you want to be queen?


Maybe you would like... ...(Continuously update)

Have Fun-Wedding

Hello Kitty

Corpse Bride

Super Groom

Cosplay Wedding

Sit On Me

Caketopper Heirloom

Creative wedding invitations

Wedding cake in Her own image
Have fun everyone!

Nov 15, 2011


Beyonce Giselle Knowles, the famous American pop diva-class singers, perfect sexy goddess. Former U.S. Women's idol group "Destiny's Child," a member of group disbanded in 2002, still loyal to the music, alone in the music development. Beyonce has a musical talent beyond the ordinary, beautiful black female singers rarely face, makes it difficult to refuse a sexy body, miraculously less than a year to become the focus of the United States and the world of entertainment, many times awarded the Grameen Grammy awards.

American music has never been a lack of sound is not outstanding R & B diva, there are some the world's best female singer hot spot, with the same good shape as the even more numerous. However, there are like who are charged with destiny in general, nothing can stop her stand out. 9-year-old debut, eight years later won the highest level on behalf of black music's three Soul Train Awards, 20 years old, on behalf of the nation's highest honor, the Grammy music player trophy into her small foregone conclusion. Countless men dumping her graceful figure, and hand king Jay-Z is the envy of the girls were jealous. Which girl and she is not glamorous Allure, which actress and she is not brilliant, which is not the singer's acting career as her envy. She is always unique chocolate beauty, she is a new generation of super days - Beyonce.
Recently became the Grammy's Beyonce coming days, more and more concentrated flavor of a superstar than the previous image in terms of hot dance sing, and now she is much more elegant and modern taste. How to jump to the star it taste strong?
Nude-colored stripe dress with hip combinations of package style gold earrings and rings in India
Beyonce Macy department store heat to promote new fragrance "Heat" Grammy days after the big kiss sweet and careful people to send

Mopping the floor of the dress and metallic fabrics, so Beyonce as a female soldier. Geometry spell the waist, including the effect of hip more obvious. This design results to instantly improve the taste of her star.

Beyonce wearing a red Spanish-style red dress hip shoulder bag

Nov 14, 2011

The Charming Cocktail Diamond Wedding Rings

The charming cocktail diamond rings is very popular among the famous brand show. Now days the vogue brides are also likely to buy a special cocktail diamond ring as the wedding ring.

The colorful cocktail wedding rings are different from the simple ring. It is more beautiful and fashionable. From the Mai Tai Blue Sea cocktail to rapturous manna, and fruity Lemon Fizz and Raspberry Daiquiri, count skillfully with colourful ring studded with sparkling gem, is a classic cocktail was revamped. To be cut into a variety of fruit shape gem, like blooming cherry, fresh lemon and fruit attractive watermelon, fragrant, filled with fruit flavor, can not help but coveted.

Look at this special design lemon style cocktail wedding ring. LEMON FIZZ to olivine (weighing approximately 2.07 carats) with yellow spar (weighing approximately 24.50 carats), burst out of the fresh lemon fragrance. Pillow shaped cut Aquamarine ( weighing approximately 28.03 carats) and 13 Fiery Opal ( weighing approximately 3.18 carats), people can not help but to indulge in Blue Sea nectar.
This Green tourmaline Mojito design cocktail wedding ring will give you a big surprise if you wear it in your wedding.

Customized, can design their own, will be the exclusive love of two elements into them, carve lover’s handwriting, meet the unique fashion out of the ordinary, to create a unique personalized fashion ring.
The line is concise and clear, ring surface corrugated design fashion personality, like Plaid casual shirt, T-shirt, jeans T groom can choose corrugated ring, with a very casual style. Even if you are willing to wear Marc Jacobs decorative ring, the ring will not only such.

The Lord of the rings and the cambered design 3 carats round cut diamond, almost all the perfect wedding ring represents a very simple design, but revealed a sense of the atmosphere.

Nov 10, 2011

2011 MTV VMAs in American-Part 2

The 2011 MTV European Music Awards (MTV EMAs) nominees were announced by MTV Networks International on September 19, 2011.
Lady Gaga unsurprisingly dominates the main categories with a whooping six nods including Best Song, Best Video, Best Female, and Best Pop.Following closely behind are Katy Perry and Bruno Mars with four bids each.Justin Bieber earns three nominations, along with Adele and Thirty Seconds To Mars.Some other famous artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Eminem, Kanye West, Rihanna and Jessie J. are also named in the nominee list.
Lady Gaga EMA 2011 Best Female: Marry The Night Performance and Shocking Outfit
Katy Perry, who won the 2011 MTV VMA Video of the Year, earns four MTV VMA
nominations including Best Song (Firework), Best Female, Best Pop, and Best Live Act
Bruno Mars also wins four bids for Best Song (Grenade), Best Male, Best New Act, and Best Push Act
“U Smile” star Justin Bieber gets three 2011 MTV VMA nominations for Best Male, Best Pop, and Biggest Fans. “Just got word that we got 3 MTV EMA Nominations for Best Male, Best Pop, Biggest Fans!! THANKS SO MUCH! LEt's VOTE!!!” he tweeted

“Someone Like You” singer Adele, who is currently the top-selling artist of the year, scores three 2011 MTV VMA nominations for Best Song and Best Video (Rolling in the Deep), and Best Female
Rock band “Thirty Seconds To Mars” receives three 2011 MTV VMA nominations for Best Alternative, Best World Stage Performance, and Biggest Fans
Beyonce gets a 2011 MTV VMA nomination for Best Video – “Run the World (Girls)”
“American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez wins a 2011 MTV VMA nomination for Best Song – “On the Floor” (featuring Pitbull)
Jay-Z and Kanye West (left) score a 2011 MTV VMA nomination for Best Hip-Hop

2011 MTV VMAs in American-Part 1

The 28th MTV Video Music Awards were holding on 28 August in Los Angeles American. All the singers have a careful prepare of their evening dresses to attend the ceremony. Now we will discuss of the dress of superstars.

First is Selena Gomez, she is the child star in Disney Channel; she was released in the summer of 2009 self-titled debut album. Serena has a Mexican and Italian descent. 7 years old she was picked in the children’s drama show “Barney & Friends”, starred in a film called “Library Trek” TV series, also starred in “little brother Cole investigation and the Suite Life”, “Meng Hanna “and other popular children’s drama. She had also hoped starring “Lizzie McGuire” in a spinoff.

In 2007, Serena began starring the Disney series “Young magician” and quickly became popular. 2008 She has animated “Horton Hero” voice, and starred in the film “Cinderella’s glass phone 2.” In the same year she and a friend picked starring along with Disney’s original movie “Princess Protection Program.” She also animated film “Tinker Bell” sang the theme song.

In the ceremony she wears a floor-length train black evening dress with a pair of golden shoes. The golden color bag is the eye of the whole make up.

Next one is Miley Cyrus, this time she really chooses a bad dress. This stamp long dress makes she looks ten years older than really. This mermaid skirt long dress did not suitable for Miley Cyrus. It makes her plim. When Miley Cyrus sees her photos on the newspaper she must regret for her choice.

Miley Cyrus is also a child star Disney Channel. In the age of 13 due to the U.S. Disney Channel television series “Hannah Montana” playing the protagonist to become movie stars. Miley is a once in 1992 for the song “pain of broken heart” to cause the peak of the eldest daughter of country singer. Her name Miley is her nickname Si Maili shorthand. . Miley began performing small, age 9, she tried to start a career. In the “Hannah Montana”, she has a few works. The most notable is a small part of Tim Baer Dun’s “big fish”

Nov 9, 2011

Mila's Daydream

A mother in Finland use clothes, towels and other necessities to do props when her baby daughter to sleep, and make her as the protagonist, put a lot of story scenes, then she put these photos into a book, named "Mila's Daydream. "

After reading this story I feel the mother was so cute! So mothers, welcome to join this and Imagination it now!

Nov 7, 2011

Sexy- Sexy Lace Wedding Dresses

There are a wide variety of wedding dress styles and different people fit different kinds of wedding dress. Today we will have a particular talk of sexy lace wedding dresses.
Exaggerated tire can perfect bride in the magnificent and noble, however, if the bride likes elegant style, can be delicate and precious stones to win, whether its brightness dazzles the eyes. The pearl or sparkling diamond will bring more beautiful bride.The lace fabric is usually play a support role in the wedding dress but the lace is very popular and more and more famous wedding designers make the lace as the main fabric of the wedding this year.
The superior quality, fine workmanship of the European handmade three-dimensional lace becomes very popular.Unlike the traditional lace pattern, the European handmade three-dimensional lace has a very delicate pattern and has a very strong sense of three-dimensional feeling. All the lace patterns are made by hand so each figure each thread position are very in place.

Usually designers like in the original lace on pattern with little pearls, gold and silver thread or lace embellishment, making the whole wedding dress looks full of expensive gas, be the most changeful, yet unique sexy woman temperament.The fitted tight bodice and the waist design are the features of the sexy wedding dress.

There are more delicate design in the skirt and the ankle in popular wedding dresses this year. In addition, the perfect draping dress covered with layers of chiffon, move, wind sheer gently dancing, elegant charm with a little girl’s witty and lively.

This year’s bride accessories modeling much exaggerated, the most popular headdress is the flower shape, streamlined diamond headdress, some even exaggerated over the bride half a head.

Nov 3, 2011

Wedding Dresses Show

There is a special dresses show in New York from Imitation of Christ 2012. The designer gives us a romantic and unusual wedding show in the form of wedding ceremony. All the models are wearing the elegant lace wedding dress and there are flower girls and Father. It is just like a real romantic wedding ceremony.

When the bridegroom lifts the veil of York socialite and model Lydia Hearst, gently kissed her, all the guests in the scene could hardly believe their eyes, they can not tell it is just a show or a real wedding. Lydia Hearst wears a mermaid white wedding dress and there is the happiness smile in her face.

Flower field, lovely flower girl, father … … there are all the wedding scene elements, and the United States media tycoon Hearst family heir Lydia Hearst is really get married? In fact, it was just for her best friends, designer & actor Tara Subkoff personal brand Imitation of 2012 Christ and women’s show did show.
Tara Subkoff founded the Imitation of Christ brand in 2000, design beautiful gorgeous Vintage style handmade dress. It Girl designer Chloe Sevigny has served as visiting designers for Imitation of Christ, Scarlett Johansson Imitation of Christ had also show. But in 2007, Tara Subkoff Imitation of Christ sold it to Josh Sparks ( Josh Sparks ) ( former Sass & Bide brand executive chairman ), because of poor management, Imitation of Christ suspended the fashion show from 2008.

Designer Tara Subkoff says that the reason to hold the fashion show to make the Imitation of Christ” Resurrection” is she wants to turn back to the hand-made wedding dress area and design more elegant wedding dresses