Jun 17, 2013

African American Wigs

Dark-skinned actress who, different hairstyles different interpretation of style. Whether pale or African American Wigs, do not worry about the annihilation of their skin color, as long as Ge Chen will be able to beautiful points!

Naomi Campbell (Naomi Campbell) Qi Liu + chestnut hair streaked bottom is the most recent one in Asia MM favorite hairstyle.

Halle Berry (Halle Berry) style curls, shiny gold maroon big wave with the skin color of wheat complement each other.

Jada · Ping Specter Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith) smooth, straight, black hair, in the country is the wave of 4,5 years.

Rihanna (Rihanna), is not a person to follow the colorful, true color black, ecru curl has cast her fashion.
Beyonce Norris (Beyonce Knowles) The musical prodigy, has a black singer rare beautiful face, her dress has gradually affected by the fashion industry's attention, the head of her hair, obviously has the imprint of Hollywood, but this did not change the Pussycat Dolls sexy.
Thira Banks (Tyra Banks), it seems Qi Liu star in the black skin, very hot very fashionable. Honey-like skin tone and hair color honey-like consistency!
Hip-Hop Huang Hou Mali · J · Bridgeport (Mary J. Blige) Hip-Hop community seems MM short hair sway. White blond hair and dark complexion Queen did not seem, on the contrary, more vivid and shiny.
Allie Thea Keith (Alicia Keys) 50th Annual Grammy for Best R & B singer, sparse hair, a name, but the dish up packet header, so that others ignore her flaws.

A super Hair style can not only make you look more moving,but also can add your life with a bright beautiful colour.

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