Sep 9, 2014

Women Every Man Should Have

Vast majority of men are ideal for a certain type of woman he wants to spend his life. However, before they were married, most of the male dream of being with one of the women in the next ranking.

Alpha male - has more experience, maybe it's older and definitely wiser. It's not about a girl who is having fun with friends and download beautiful men in night clubs. This type of women know exactly what they want and how to get it. It can only be a man who has enough confidence and doubt their masculinity. If you decide to have a relationship with a woman, do not expect it to compromise.

Successful but humble - sweet and good, it is always a favorite of the company. Know how to behave in every situation. Do not expect her to you making a scene, as it is above such things. This type of woman is designed for long term relations. Do not expect her sex overnight.

Good friends - very good friends finally end in the bedroom. Men admire her friends, and when left alone notice how beautiful, feminine and sweet they are. After a few drinks often things get hot. Of each depends on whether you make things grow into a new relationship or to remain as embarrassing memory.
Forbidden Fruit - boss, the girl of your best friend or a married woman. These are usually short and passionate affair, after which you feel guilty. So more often errors which however can not resist.

Wild and crazy women are slightly hidden dream for many men - they have spirit children and a completely different pace of life than any other. They are like a fresh breeze in the heat and author of the most unusual ideas. It is likely to meet with her to drink huge glasses and talk only about sex.

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