Mar 11, 2015

I like Baymax - Big Hero 6 (2)

5. He Can Repair Himself

As a robot, Baymax feels no pain, obviously, so he carries some of the same qualities as his other movie robot ancestors. Like The Terminator, Baymax can fix himself if need be. All he needs is some Scotch Tape.

4. He's Not Fast
The most hilarious thing about Baymax may be his dainty little footsteps. Equipped with a fat body and tiny legs, the inflatable hero readily admits, “I am not fast.” But that doesn`t stop him from heading out into the world.

3. He's Highly Huggable
Baymax`s “non-threatening huggable design” makes you want to squeeze the ever-living life out of him. He`s the Pillsbury Dough Boy, the Michelin Man, and a giant teddy bear all rolled into one. Fred even compares him to a “warm marshmallow.”

2. He Makes a Pretty Sweet Superhero
After he gets “upgrades” compliments of Hiro, Baymax becomes a rocket-fueled fightingmachine who can soar above the city of San Fransokyo and take out any enemy. Hiro gives Baymax a carbon fiber suit of armor to protect his soft underbelly and creates an Iron Man-like power fist for him that can be launched at evil targets.

1. Baymax is Tadashi
Hiro realizes halfway through Big Hero 6 that his brother, Tadashi, never intended Baymax to be used as a weapon of vengeance. Tadashi wanted to help a lot of people and Baymax was how he would do it. The robot carries Tadashi`s selfless personality and calming demeanor and through him, Hiro can still keep a little piece of his brother always.

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I like Baymax - Big Hero 6

The movie Big Hero 6 has delighted audiences of all ages and the biggest reason for itssuccess is the film`s highly-squeezable hero, Baymax. The soft-spoken robot begins the story as a personal healthcare assistant and ends it fully weaponized, morphing into a rocket-fueled superhero thanks to his newest buddy, Hiro Hamada. These are the top 10 coolest things about him:

10. He Comes With His Own Docking Station
Baymax can be stored compactly and out of the way as he deflates into his own personal docking station about the size of a toolbox. He`s a practically-built piece of artificial intelligence.

9. He Can Diagnose Any Health Problem
Baymax was designed by Hiro`s older brother, Tadashi, to “heal the sick and injured” as a personal healthcare assistant robot. So his diagnosis capabilities are seemingly endless. He`s equipped with a happy face diagnostic scale, defibrillators in his hands, and an admirable bedside manner. He`ll tell you, “There, there, it will be alright” if you are his “patient” and he won`t leave you alone until you`re well again.

8. He Loves Animals

Baymax is a protector of all life forms and that includes Mochi, Aunt Cass` Calico housecat. He likes cuddling up with the little furball and ensuring his safety.

7. His Soothing Robot Voice and Face
Not only does Baymax heal the sick, he does it with a relaxing voice that patients of all ages would find comforting. Voiced by Scott Adsit, Baymax will follow instructions, but he`s not immune to the occasional robot misunderstanding. He`s also simply designed so he`s incredibly easy to love, like Hello Kitty.

6. Baymax Gets “Drunk” When His Battery is Low
One of the funniest scenes in Big Hero 6 is when Hiro has to sneak Baymax back into Aunt Cass` house. The robot`s battery is low and Hiro gets a taste of Baymax the drunkard as the big guy deflates and has trouble walking and talking.

Sep 16, 2014

Spring euphoria with BSK by Bershka

Street fashion has become a way of life and self-expression, so when you want to load all of its positivism and cheerful character, clothes you can play the role of intermediaries!

The catalog line BSK by Bershka in April so cheerful, colorful and fresh, that immediately makes you imagine how fashion delights from the spring collection of the Spanish brand will bring positive emotions in your everyday life!

Practical, youthful and very colorful all clothing and accessories, which will instantly gain attention. See cute dresses with retro flair and spectacular tropical prints, charming short overalls, practical pants, short tops and T-shirts with various prints, leather jackets and comfortable denim clothing.

Accessories, of course, the final touch that contributes to the positive spring "euphoria" as we call it! Plenty of attractive bracelets with colorful beads will add a touch of bohemian outfits and hats with floral prints, colorful sneakers, and more details will be filled with life vision.

Load mood and fashion ideas spring from the great staff who see models posing in gorgeous digital background with exotic flowers ... Spring euphoria with BSK by Bershka

AIN Mistakes When Buying High Heels!

How long you wear the same size shoes? Maybe years? But it is important to know that your feet are constantly changing due to aging, uploading or downloading pounds pregnancy. The site Fimeyl First three essential mistakes that women who buy so their favorite high heels.

Mistake number one - buy shoes that are not now

Always buy shoes that you are now. People keep trying shoes, especially when they are in sale as you say, "my little shake" and then convince themselves that in time the given pair will expand. In nine of ten cases this does not happen, at least not enough to make you feel really comfortable. Do not buy high heels in the hope that they will become in the future. Also most people one foot is larger than the other, therefore, when you buy shoes, try the larger foot.

Mistake number 2 - buy high heels morning

Shop high heels at the end of the day when possible. Our feet swell at the end of the day and it gives a more accurate idea of ​​whether the shoe is suitable for us.

Mistake number 3 - wear high heels too long

Wearing high heels for long periods is not good for your feet, in either the short or the long term. But let's be honest, every woman likes a nice pair of heels to complement the perfect outfit for the day. If you wear heels at work or a night out, try to wear comfortable shoes with you so that you do not need to have high heels for a long time. When you have finished working with the event or out, replace high heels with a comfortable pair of shoes.

Dresses that Calling

Sometimes we want to demonstrate the simple and chic look, and sometimes just want to "shout" all around us through his clothing, "Look at me! I'm a fashion icon and a woman who was born to be in the spotlight wherever he is ".

In the summer our lives is much more dynamic and full of a number of developments which we can boldly say exactly this desire - to be a fashion star by fresh and colorful outfit.

* Dresses Mary Katrantzou always inspiring example for attractive appearance!

To attract the attention and be stylish advise you to bet on bright colors and beautiful prints. In the hot season are all very topical floral patterns, especially the tropical theme.

Tribal style is also a top trend. Suitable dresses dyed African and Aztec motifs. Attractive digital prints also often present in the collections of fashion brands.

Sep 9, 2014

Desi Banova forecast Love

The new issue of the magazine. Bride will introduce you to the latest fashion trends for fall and for the next wedding season 2015, with over 90 ideas for the wedding dress. The focus of the proposals lace & Boho Chic, tenderness with a pinch of extravagance and experimentation with colors.

Person number is Desi Banova that gives its outlook on love. With a vision in Marilyn Monroe style, it has a 2 in 1 dress Designer Nuri Dimitrova for NUR Atelier. The model is made of 100% silk special treatment and French lace. The long skirt is suitable for official ceremonies and the shortest option - celebration.

Fashion pages present further: what is your typical bride and designer with a personal touch, how to give a second chance to their dress after the big day and what is the image of the groom.

Wedding style "Daisy" and 10 original ideas for your party in the new issue, as well as tips on how to make savings without affect the brilliance of your holiday, which are the most common mistakes and how to prepare to fight with wedding stress.

You'll learn the latest in makeup and hairstyles for this season and other female secrets that will turn you into the star of the special day. And if you want to look at the apartment of Coco Chanel Street. Cambon in Paris journal. BULKA transports you to an exclusive report in the home of legendary designer.

Women Every Man Should Have

Vast majority of men are ideal for a certain type of woman he wants to spend his life. However, before they were married, most of the male dream of being with one of the women in the next ranking.

Alpha male - has more experience, maybe it's older and definitely wiser. It's not about a girl who is having fun with friends and download beautiful men in night clubs. This type of women know exactly what they want and how to get it. It can only be a man who has enough confidence and doubt their masculinity. If you decide to have a relationship with a woman, do not expect it to compromise.

Successful but humble - sweet and good, it is always a favorite of the company. Know how to behave in every situation. Do not expect her to you making a scene, as it is above such things. This type of woman is designed for long term relations. Do not expect her sex overnight.

Good friends - very good friends finally end in the bedroom. Men admire her friends, and when left alone notice how beautiful, feminine and sweet they are. After a few drinks often things get hot. Of each depends on whether you make things grow into a new relationship or to remain as embarrassing memory.
Forbidden Fruit - boss, the girl of your best friend or a married woman. These are usually short and passionate affair, after which you feel guilty. So more often errors which however can not resist.

Wild and crazy women are slightly hidden dream for many men - they have spirit children and a completely different pace of life than any other. They are like a fresh breeze in the heat and author of the most unusual ideas. It is likely to meet with her to drink huge glasses and talk only about sex.