Mar 11, 2015

I like Baymax - Big Hero 6 (2)

5. He Can Repair Himself

As a robot, Baymax feels no pain, obviously, so he carries some of the same qualities as his other movie robot ancestors. Like The Terminator, Baymax can fix himself if need be. All he needs is some Scotch Tape.

4. He's Not Fast
The most hilarious thing about Baymax may be his dainty little footsteps. Equipped with a fat body and tiny legs, the inflatable hero readily admits, “I am not fast.” But that doesn`t stop him from heading out into the world.

3. He's Highly Huggable
Baymax`s “non-threatening huggable design” makes you want to squeeze the ever-living life out of him. He`s the Pillsbury Dough Boy, the Michelin Man, and a giant teddy bear all rolled into one. Fred even compares him to a “warm marshmallow.”

2. He Makes a Pretty Sweet Superhero
After he gets “upgrades” compliments of Hiro, Baymax becomes a rocket-fueled fightingmachine who can soar above the city of San Fransokyo and take out any enemy. Hiro gives Baymax a carbon fiber suit of armor to protect his soft underbelly and creates an Iron Man-like power fist for him that can be launched at evil targets.

1. Baymax is Tadashi
Hiro realizes halfway through Big Hero 6 that his brother, Tadashi, never intended Baymax to be used as a weapon of vengeance. Tadashi wanted to help a lot of people and Baymax was how he would do it. The robot carries Tadashi`s selfless personality and calming demeanor and through him, Hiro can still keep a little piece of his brother always.

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