Sep 16, 2014

Dresses that Calling

Sometimes we want to demonstrate the simple and chic look, and sometimes just want to "shout" all around us through his clothing, "Look at me! I'm a fashion icon and a woman who was born to be in the spotlight wherever he is ".

In the summer our lives is much more dynamic and full of a number of developments which we can boldly say exactly this desire - to be a fashion star by fresh and colorful outfit.

* Dresses Mary Katrantzou always inspiring example for attractive appearance!

To attract the attention and be stylish advise you to bet on bright colors and beautiful prints. In the hot season are all very topical floral patterns, especially the tropical theme.

Tribal style is also a top trend. Suitable dresses dyed African and Aztec motifs. Attractive digital prints also often present in the collections of fashion brands.

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