Aug 19, 2014

Black And White Combinations

Every summer brings new hit color, but only one combination is eternal.Black and white combinations adore followers of all fashion styles, and although it looks very glamorous, this trend is very easy to wear. Choose an interesting piece with stripes, dots or abstract prints in black and white combination, and then combine it with white or black pieces and appropriate makeup and fashion accessories.

With this combination of colors you do not need too much jewelry – simple gold details will be hit, and when it comes to makeup, we suggest that for the eyes you use black eyeliner, and for the lips an attractive color such as red or purple. Of course, under such a glamorous combination is desirable to to wear appropriate underwear so I suggest a sexy lace in black.

Look at the pictures below and find your favorite black and white combinations. Enjoy and stay up for more next time!

Sectioned Ponytail

If you need a style that is functional and pretty, a sectioned ponytail will do the trick! Blake Lively, one of the celebrities, brings the sectioned ponytail hairstyle into the fashion industry. The hair on her looks playful and ultra-pretty. If you don’t know how to arrange your long hair in an interesting way, you may copy Blake Lively’s look and go for the new trend of sectioned ponytails.
To create sectioned ponytail, you won’t have to spend much time and efforts, as you will achieve the desired look with several easy steps. Make your long hair become smooth and natural first. Next, you should create a high ponytail and opt for hair holders to divide your ponytail into sections. That is all you need to do to create this gorgeous hairstyle.

Aug 12, 2014

How to make-up according to your zodiac sign? - Part 2


Crabs really love novelties. As soon as the market appeared a new product, they are quick to gather information and consider whether it is suitable for them. Those born under this sign makeup with great pleasure. Revere twinkling colors that give their eyes shine like the shell of the mussel.


When a woman from Leo entered the beauty shop, she can not go unnoticed by others. She bought everything new, expensive and consistent with current fashion trends. Lions like to serve brands and are big fans of makeup with golden hues.


Virgin is the most sensitive and vulnerable sign in the zodiac. Representatives of this sign have an innate sense of proportion and style, so always accurately select the most suitable things for yourself. Virgos are practical. Would not buy expensive cosmetics if they have alternative quality but more affordable option. Colors of nature emphasize their beauty, so it is advisable to use shades of turquoise, emerald, light blue and soft brown.


Planet of Libra is Venus, but to them it has a different impact than on cells. Libra women can be recognized by its vanguard, extravagant, often challenging look. They love the color combinations that representatives of the other star signs would not dare to use, such as blue-green and yellow. However, scales do not look funny. Price and quality of cosmetics do not matter to them. It is important to fit them and help them to resist the boring conventional norms.


This indicates that over the years is starting to look better and better and better. Scorpions are always aware of what they want, have a refined taste and a very attractive appearance. Suitable for them with saturated lipstick, dark colors. Shadows should be bright and noticeable. Perfectly highlighted cheekbones you have final accent, they need representatives of this sign.


Archers do not recognize the limitations, they are addicted to everything new and unknown. Normally those born under this sign are often wealthy and pursue things that do not really want. Good option for them are delicate, sparkling shadows. All that is gold and pink range shooters loaded with extra energy.


Representatives of this earth sign achieve whatever aim and the most distinctive qualities are perseverance. All new makeup and cosmetics are very interesting for Capricorns, but only so far. They can spend hours in the study of the products, but do not buy anything. Capricorn woman is very precise in choosing cosmetics and prefer inconspicuous makeup designed in beige-brown range.


This character is often subservient to the emotions and everyday life is full of plans, meetings, official engagements, important events. In all this madness really hard to pay enough attention to innovation in cosmetics and fashion trends. Aquarians does not require such information. Somehow they always manage to buy exactly what will make them look stylish and attractive. As a rule of this sign rely on high quality cosmetic products already proven market brands. All pastel colors go to Aquarians, and with regard to the lips - a better choice for them glossy and conditioners, not lipstick.


Surprising, spontaneous, mysterious - these are fish. If you stood in front of a stunningly beautiful woman, you can bet that it was born precisely in this water and sensual character. However, the energy of Pisces is weak, so they are easily fatigued and often lack the desire to do anything. They prefer makeup in cold tone. Smoky blue, violet and rose will boost their energy....

How to make-up according to your zodiac sign? - Part 1

Believe it or not your zodiac sign affects your appearance and behavior, so if you consider make-up with some important features to look more magnificent and charming.

There are many written articles on how to make-up according to their zodiac sign. Interpretations are varied and mainly based on the idea that for each zodiac sign are suitable specific colors that "unlocks" the best qualities of its representatives. We picked such a "horoscope Beauty" by, which we hope we need:


Lord of Aries - Mars is the planet of aggression. The perfect makeup for representatives of this sign is the basis for the person mascara and lipstick with bright red lips. This is an option when you want to show your energy, strength and passion. The combination is not very appropriate for the office or during business meetings. Another option pastel shades and bright, natural color lipstick. This choice of makeup demonstrates confidence, calmness and knowledge of the situation.


The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. In this situation, do not be surprised that people born under this earth sign crazy topic beauty and appearance. They like the spectacular and expensive things, luxury and wealth play an important role in their lives. Taureans do not like to look vulgar, avoid bright colors and try to achieve a natural look. Suitable for them smoky shades, gray, silver, nezhnorozovo, white and beige.


This is one of the most sensual and dualistic signs of the zodiac. Gemini is always very difficult to make a choice when it comes to cosmetics. They are always willing to listen to advice and recommendations, making them easy prey for skilled traders. By and large, this sign fall for cold tones. From warm prefer green. As strange as it sounds, the Twins do not like light cosmetics. Love matt textures and contrasting combinations in respect makeup.

Aug 6, 2014

Spain Elegant Porcelain Doll

Lladro porcelain brand in the Spanish Mediterranean coast of Valencia, on the outskirts of the town founder, began his half-century porcelain art myth.

This set of porcelain works to depict details of Kyo, which went on floral lace parasols and realistic technology and world-famous.

Works exude quiet elegance, but also with a slight sadness.

Aug 5, 2014

The World's Most Famous Fantasy Castle - Part 3

Osaka Castle, Photography: linadavidaviciute

Crimea Yalta Swallow Fort, photography: linadavidaviciute

Roscommon, Ireland, Photography: Audra

Stoker Scottish castle, photography: Tom

Poland Warwick Castle, Photography: Daniel Borczuch

The World's Most Famous Fantasy Castle - Part 2

Czech Republic Prague Castle, Photography: Klára Ufii

Colvin Romanian castle, photography: Bogdan Mircea

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany, Photography: Busy_Panda

Lithuania Trakai Castle, Photography: Busy_Panda

Crimea Yalta Swallow Fort, photography: linadavidaviciute

Aug 4, 2014

The World's Most Famous Fantasy Castle - Part 1

German Hohenzollern castle, photography: Julija K

France Azay-le-Rideau, photography: saugalix

Romania Pei-Royce Castle, Photography: Flavius ​​Archmage

LAN Kai Limo Irish monastery, photography: vanbuckley

Austrian castle high Oster Horowitz, Photography: Tom