Aug 12, 2014

How to make-up according to your zodiac sign? - Part 2


Crabs really love novelties. As soon as the market appeared a new product, they are quick to gather information and consider whether it is suitable for them. Those born under this sign makeup with great pleasure. Revere twinkling colors that give their eyes shine like the shell of the mussel.


When a woman from Leo entered the beauty shop, she can not go unnoticed by others. She bought everything new, expensive and consistent with current fashion trends. Lions like to serve brands and are big fans of makeup with golden hues.


Virgin is the most sensitive and vulnerable sign in the zodiac. Representatives of this sign have an innate sense of proportion and style, so always accurately select the most suitable things for yourself. Virgos are practical. Would not buy expensive cosmetics if they have alternative quality but more affordable option. Colors of nature emphasize their beauty, so it is advisable to use shades of turquoise, emerald, light blue and soft brown.


Planet of Libra is Venus, but to them it has a different impact than on cells. Libra women can be recognized by its vanguard, extravagant, often challenging look. They love the color combinations that representatives of the other star signs would not dare to use, such as blue-green and yellow. However, scales do not look funny. Price and quality of cosmetics do not matter to them. It is important to fit them and help them to resist the boring conventional norms.


This indicates that over the years is starting to look better and better and better. Scorpions are always aware of what they want, have a refined taste and a very attractive appearance. Suitable for them with saturated lipstick, dark colors. Shadows should be bright and noticeable. Perfectly highlighted cheekbones you have final accent, they need representatives of this sign.


Archers do not recognize the limitations, they are addicted to everything new and unknown. Normally those born under this sign are often wealthy and pursue things that do not really want. Good option for them are delicate, sparkling shadows. All that is gold and pink range shooters loaded with extra energy.


Representatives of this earth sign achieve whatever aim and the most distinctive qualities are perseverance. All new makeup and cosmetics are very interesting for Capricorns, but only so far. They can spend hours in the study of the products, but do not buy anything. Capricorn woman is very precise in choosing cosmetics and prefer inconspicuous makeup designed in beige-brown range.


This character is often subservient to the emotions and everyday life is full of plans, meetings, official engagements, important events. In all this madness really hard to pay enough attention to innovation in cosmetics and fashion trends. Aquarians does not require such information. Somehow they always manage to buy exactly what will make them look stylish and attractive. As a rule of this sign rely on high quality cosmetic products already proven market brands. All pastel colors go to Aquarians, and with regard to the lips - a better choice for them glossy and conditioners, not lipstick.


Surprising, spontaneous, mysterious - these are fish. If you stood in front of a stunningly beautiful woman, you can bet that it was born precisely in this water and sensual character. However, the energy of Pisces is weak, so they are easily fatigued and often lack the desire to do anything. They prefer makeup in cold tone. Smoky blue, violet and rose will boost their energy....

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