Aug 12, 2014

How to make-up according to your zodiac sign? - Part 1

Believe it or not your zodiac sign affects your appearance and behavior, so if you consider make-up with some important features to look more magnificent and charming.

There are many written articles on how to make-up according to their zodiac sign. Interpretations are varied and mainly based on the idea that for each zodiac sign are suitable specific colors that "unlocks" the best qualities of its representatives. We picked such a "horoscope Beauty" by, which we hope we need:


Lord of Aries - Mars is the planet of aggression. The perfect makeup for representatives of this sign is the basis for the person mascara and lipstick with bright red lips. This is an option when you want to show your energy, strength and passion. The combination is not very appropriate for the office or during business meetings. Another option pastel shades and bright, natural color lipstick. This choice of makeup demonstrates confidence, calmness and knowledge of the situation.


The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. In this situation, do not be surprised that people born under this earth sign crazy topic beauty and appearance. They like the spectacular and expensive things, luxury and wealth play an important role in their lives. Taureans do not like to look vulgar, avoid bright colors and try to achieve a natural look. Suitable for them smoky shades, gray, silver, nezhnorozovo, white and beige.


This is one of the most sensual and dualistic signs of the zodiac. Gemini is always very difficult to make a choice when it comes to cosmetics. They are always willing to listen to advice and recommendations, making them easy prey for skilled traders. By and large, this sign fall for cold tones. From warm prefer green. As strange as it sounds, the Twins do not like light cosmetics. Love matt textures and contrasting combinations in respect makeup.

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