Sep 28, 2013

Vampire Wedding Dress - Part 2

Voluptuous black roses bright red skirt along the spiral, the layers of tulle skirt quartet built in the full sense of inlaid jewelry retro corset flying ...... If you want to do next like the movie "Twilight" (Twilight) the heroine Bella as beautiful bride, perhaps Maria Karin Couture 2012 wedding dress series of years of vampire really satisfy your desire. Bride's purity melt into "Vampire" enchanting Xiemei, the metamorphosis of a different kind of elegance.
If you are willing to do an avant-garde, unique bride, then it may boldly vampire wedding inspiration to decorate their wedding bar.

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Sep 27, 2013

Vampire Wedding Dress - Part 1

Wedding symbolizes purity and holiness, put it naturally exudes elegance, gorgeous and charming, it better bring out the bride's temperament, but also better for the wedding to add luster. But why some people get tired of these, the "vampire" applied to the wedding, and want to have the Twilight heroine Bella's wedding?

Wanted to be like "Twilight" as beautiful bride in Bella do? Voluptuous black roses scarlet skirt along the spiral, the layers of tulle skirt quartet built in the full sense of inlaid jewelry retro corset under flying ......

If you want to like the movie "Twilight" (Twilight) The heroine Bella as beautiful bride, perhaps Maria Karin Couture 2013 wedding dress series of years of vampire really satisfy your desire. Bride's purity melt into "Vampire" enchanting Xiemei, the metamorphosis of a different kind of elegance.
Voluptuous black roses bright red skirt along the spiral, the layers of tulle skirt quartet built in the full sense of inlaid jewelry retro corset under flying ......

Sep 26, 2013

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Sep 24, 2013

Star Love White Evening Dress - Part 2

Jessica Alba wore Valentino Fall 2013 Haute Tee Dress , feather details will be divided into step-like skirt .

Emilio Pucci Gwyneth Paltrow wore a long robe , loafers printing style modified into white, more attractive.

Olivia Wilde wearing Calvin Klein's spring 2013 little white dress , waist pleated skirt stature would make fake two effects.

Camilla Belle wore Kimberly Ovitz Spring 2013 dress , skirt cut tailoring make quite three-dimensional effect .

Kristen Bell wearing a Stella McCartney Resort 2013 dress, there is a sense of floral prints and decorative decals complement each other.

Sep 23, 2013

Star Love White Evening Dress - Part 1

To stand out in a number of stars , it must have let you forget a secret weapon , this year's hot white evening dress, so the actress put on stand smaller fairies, even more people can not drown your light , this white evening gown you love it ?

Kate Bosworth wore a Jil Sander Spring Summer 2013 fake two dress, white T-shirt with pink green skirt stature became stark contrast.


Actress Emily Blunt wearing a 2013 Winter Roksanda Ilincic fake two dress, very eye-catching sky blue.

Katie Cassidy wearing a Versace dress deconstruction , silver metallic trim and a white skirt with was quite advanced .

Sep 22, 2013

The Most Beautiful Wedding Movie - Part 2

The most dazzling wedding : " 27 Dresses "

Release: 2008

Starring: Katherine Heigl

Story : about a "gold bridesmaid " How to marry off their own stories. In the film, actress Jane stuffed wardrobe that 27 sets of dress, although more of a symbol of a straitjacket and a burden, but it is too beautiful.

The most simple wedding : "Gossip Girl"

This drama , Lily married to wear sleeveless Bra wedding is very minimalist models lining her mature elegance. But the wedding simpler and more pick the body , simple design makes it easy for line of sight to the upper body focus , in particular, the position of the shoulder to the upper arm .

The most low-key wedding : "Grey's Anatomy "

Meredith married ! Her this glamorous wedding , the bride looks thin material fluttering want to fly , skirt sparkling silver pattern retro luxury. But the body is not very tall bride is best not to try.

Most can not easily try wedding : "Ugly Betty"

 In order to get married, woman Wilhemina be a lot of efforts , weight loss should be considered one of the most simple . So, if you also want to put on a similar dress, please carefully check your upper body fat has not run out .

Sep 21, 2013

The Most Beautiful Wedding Movie

Most of the wedding can not be copied : " Gone with the Wind "

Release: 1939

Story : The film without much introduction, male and female respectively, by Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh plays . Described in the United States during the Civil War between Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler 's love story. Vivien Leigh played a cat-like woman Scarlett , she was wearing the French palace-style wedding into the wedding hall, this scene and the film as a classic.

Most " flexible" wedding : "Marriage major combat "

Release: 2009

Starring: Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway

Story : a pair of good friends received a bouquet at a wedding together , so happily married now with preparations for the wedding ...... is not really an easy thing to do , to get married once likened the war too. In the film, two sisters chose the same style of wedding dress is very beautiful.

The most retro wedding : " Runaway Bride "

Release: 1999

Starring: Richard Gill , Julia Roberts

Story: Maggie and the prospective groom had three foot red carpet at the other end because marriage phobia while fleeing forced marriages . This immediately caused a reporter Ike interest. The fourth is preparing with her ​​boyfriend into the wedding hall of Maggie again fleeing forced marriages , and decided eye for an eye person in his body , launched retaliatory action against Ike ...... Julia Roberts plays " Runaway Bride " wearing low-cut dress , her Jiaohao off a more perfect body , chest embroidered the highlights of her elegance.

The most punk wedding : "Sex and the City"

Release: 2008

Story: " Sex and the City " movie version, the actress Kelly finally get married , the wedding will naturally become the biggest movie of the highlights of many costumes .

Sep 20, 2013

Chinese Traditional Wedding

Tang Dynasty woman face makeup pop dots dimples and decals tin, engage in face painted face painting color or gold foil cut flowers grass is the trend.

Hmong girl, so her bridal wear is different from the Han Chinese traditional headdress bride crown.

Bride dress up like a little girl wrap hair rather than pull the same dignified bun, people think that the bride seems still very fondly at her family's time.

Bridal dresses mixed with large lace fabric, collar inlaid also like Spanish court dress flouncing.

Liao princess, high arched her strange bridal hair accessories, people have lamented Liao is definitely a place dominated by livestock.

A glittering plus the Republic's most popular fringe.

Sep 18, 2013

2014 Wedding Dresses - Part 3

2014 has been a grand wedding new exposure, the entire series contains short paragraph, fish, and other princess style, each piece is addictive. Contrast 2012 wedding, 2013 wedding continuation of the classic style, I do not know what season do you love?

Blowing shells can be broken delicate satin white, pearl chest decorated with stars, though looks simple style, but without losing the elegant luxury of the gas.

Courtly elegance, is how many women aspire to ancient and modern, the end of the yarn elegant champagne dress, piercing is innate elegance.

Qunjiao removed at embroidery, not much complicated embellishment, instant touch of yarn flowing skirt, lace simple outline, beautiful and moving.
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Sep 16, 2013

2014 Wedding Dresses - Part 2

2014 has been a grand wedding new exposure, the entire series contains short paragraph, fish, and other princess style, each piece is addictive. Contrast 2012 wedding, 2013 wedding continuation of the classic style, I do not know what season do you love?

Pronovias wedding dress is a famous brand from Spain, the recent launch of the latest 2013 new wedding dress from its well-known wedding designer Manuel Mota penned. This, Pronovias wedding dress 2013 spring and summer series with lightweight material to create a feminine silhouette bride delightful temperament.

European and American brands pronovias wedding royal wedding is a respected model of minimalist design style, Barcelona, ​​Spain, Pronovias is currently the world's first large wedding dress brand, market share of 5%, in London, Paris, New York, Istanbul, Cairo and tokyo and others have strongholds in over 60 countries, a total of 158 stores and 3,800 dealer.

Pronovias wedding dress with dreamy white, elegant, luxurious romantic known, it is sought after by the star ladies. As Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, Madonna. pronovias owns Valentino (valentino), and many other top designers in the world. pronovias wedding dress is still in white fantasy, timeless elegance and noble romantic and other styles to create a unique and gorgeous wedding dress.

Sep 13, 2013

Deep V Dress

Celebrity red carpet dress is one of the biggest surprise. To Godfather eye, star in the choice of dress is also playing brains. Especially deep v-neck dress, the more open the lower chest infinite spring.
Victoria, Desperate Housewives Eva - Longoria, Kate - Beckinsale partying Beckhams doll collar tight blue dress, the gas field has always been powerful, Eva chose a black deep v-neck dress, big show chest chest line accentuates the perfect scenery.

Blake - Lively's Versace dress this dress is definitely a classic, tall stature, fullness in the chest fully deserve to be called a deep V dress, whether it is Kelly Lin, or Bate Na - Zimmerman deep, not so good on the around or do not challenge it.

54th Grammy Awards red carpet, Rihanna Giorgio Armani dress, bare-chested chested high slits, vacuum battle, sexy flowing.

Jennifer Lopez wearing Zuhair Murad glare Aphrodite series deep V dress attend the 84th Oscar red carpet, on the Circuit proud she naturally became focused on the red carpet reporters capture, such as the light emitted is also beautiful and breathtaking skirt decorated .

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Sep 11, 2013

Love Lace - Part 2

Kristen Stewart body valentino2012 Haute shoulder dress spring and summer on the lower body designs are very clever. The same is nude color rendering, black lace, but lace pattern was different, rich visual effects, the dough does not take the unusual way feeling.

Australia Days Kylie Minogue petite, so she chose to always dress standard is elongated physique, significantly higher maximum! Dress Emanuel Ungaro2012 autumn models, skirt length is exactly one-third of the thigh, with black high heels, legs Department of lines immediately stretched.

2012 London Film Festival "Blue Valentine" (Blue Valentine) premiere, starring Michelle Williams (Michelle Williams) a red Al Damm (Erdem) 2011 spring lace dress stunning debut red carpet! Michelle Williams for her Al Damm (Erdem) lace short-sleeve dress with Charlotte Olympia (Charlotte Olympia) animal heels and evening bags

Sep 10, 2013

Love Lace - Part 1

On the red carpet how little street shooting people Blake Lively! Which a CHANEL spring and summer dress skirt is very out of color, lace , knitting elements rolled into one, the waist in the middle of the perspective effect greatly enriched the skirt visual effects, showing off looming between healthy wheat color skin .


France budding popular model Clemence Poesy dressed in Chanel Haute winter long dress, with a deep sense of retro style medieval palace of the noble feeling. Blue black lace top to bottom pouring down , chest black flower design is to add noble and mysterious feeling.

2012 Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony , actress Emma Watson wearing Rafael Lopez2012 holiday series hollow black dress, has always been to "tomboy "

attitude show people patronize sexy lace Emma had also revealed a lovely feeling. Skirt with a feather design is so greatly increased sense of luxury .

Chanel High Hand Workshop Paris station , Ginnifer Goodwin ladies dressed in their full dress Chanel classic elegance . Seemingly simple atmosphere of excellence in the details of the dress , chest U -shaped, white embroideries perfectly designed to expose the clavicle , elongated neck, makes significant legislation tall . Openwork lace hem dress shape vaguely showing off your legs , full style .