Sep 10, 2013

Love Lace - Part 1

On the red carpet how little street shooting people Blake Lively! Which a CHANEL spring and summer dress skirt is very out of color, lace , knitting elements rolled into one, the waist in the middle of the perspective effect greatly enriched the skirt visual effects, showing off looming between healthy wheat color skin .


France budding popular model Clemence Poesy dressed in Chanel Haute winter long dress, with a deep sense of retro style medieval palace of the noble feeling. Blue black lace top to bottom pouring down , chest black flower design is to add noble and mysterious feeling.

2012 Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony , actress Emma Watson wearing Rafael Lopez2012 holiday series hollow black dress, has always been to "tomboy "

attitude show people patronize sexy lace Emma had also revealed a lovely feeling. Skirt with a feather design is so greatly increased sense of luxury .

Chanel High Hand Workshop Paris station , Ginnifer Goodwin ladies dressed in their full dress Chanel classic elegance . Seemingly simple atmosphere of excellence in the details of the dress , chest U -shaped, white embroideries perfectly designed to expose the clavicle , elongated neck, makes significant legislation tall . Openwork lace hem dress shape vaguely showing off your legs , full style .

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