Sep 22, 2013

The Most Beautiful Wedding Movie - Part 2

The most dazzling wedding : " 27 Dresses "

Release: 2008

Starring: Katherine Heigl

Story : about a "gold bridesmaid " How to marry off their own stories. In the film, actress Jane stuffed wardrobe that 27 sets of dress, although more of a symbol of a straitjacket and a burden, but it is too beautiful.

The most simple wedding : "Gossip Girl"

This drama , Lily married to wear sleeveless Bra wedding is very minimalist models lining her mature elegance. But the wedding simpler and more pick the body , simple design makes it easy for line of sight to the upper body focus , in particular, the position of the shoulder to the upper arm .

The most low-key wedding : "Grey's Anatomy "

Meredith married ! Her this glamorous wedding , the bride looks thin material fluttering want to fly , skirt sparkling silver pattern retro luxury. But the body is not very tall bride is best not to try.

Most can not easily try wedding : "Ugly Betty"

 In order to get married, woman Wilhemina be a lot of efforts , weight loss should be considered one of the most simple . So, if you also want to put on a similar dress, please carefully check your upper body fat has not run out .

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