Sep 16, 2013

2014 Wedding Dresses - Part 2

2014 has been a grand wedding new exposure, the entire series contains short paragraph, fish, and other princess style, each piece is addictive. Contrast 2012 wedding, 2013 wedding continuation of the classic style, I do not know what season do you love?

Pronovias wedding dress is a famous brand from Spain, the recent launch of the latest 2013 new wedding dress from its well-known wedding designer Manuel Mota penned. This, Pronovias wedding dress 2013 spring and summer series with lightweight material to create a feminine silhouette bride delightful temperament.

European and American brands pronovias wedding royal wedding is a respected model of minimalist design style, Barcelona, ​​Spain, Pronovias is currently the world's first large wedding dress brand, market share of 5%, in London, Paris, New York, Istanbul, Cairo and tokyo and others have strongholds in over 60 countries, a total of 158 stores and 3,800 dealer.

Pronovias wedding dress with dreamy white, elegant, luxurious romantic known, it is sought after by the star ladies. As Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, Madonna. pronovias owns Valentino (valentino), and many other top designers in the world. pronovias wedding dress is still in white fantasy, timeless elegance and noble romantic and other styles to create a unique and gorgeous wedding dress.

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