Jul 31, 2013

Stars of the diet - Fattening

We know how weak sometimes will, when confronted with ice cream, colorful drinks and fast snacks.

They also know it well - the stars, which have become niezłymi chudzielców ptysiami.See for yourself what the metamorphosis undergone. Sorry, definitely not for the better

Mariah Carey
Lady Gaga

Christina Aguilera

Ewa Farna

Jul 8, 2013

Wedding Trends

Dress Burga

100% Polyester
Two-piece dress taffeta effect. Neckline pleated bust wave range and inlaid beadwork. Wide belt pleats. Low dress flared.

Dress Cades

100% Polyester
Mermaid dress, straight neckline encrusted with pearls. Silhouette mermaid satin draped open front on a tulle skirt adorned with a bow and two flowers.

Dress Lagos

100% Polyester
Dress in tulle and taffeta draped size that marks the beaded chest. On skirt rise highlighted a flower. Short drags.

Dress Loo

100% Polyester
Trapeze dress taffeta heart neckline. Draped cross on the chest dan knotted back. Little behind.

Dress Burst

100% Polyester
Short front and long back dress. Long bust asymmetrical taffeta finely draped tulle under chest. Tulle skirt scarves accompanied by a flower tour and feathers. Beautiful behind.

Trendget Wedding Dresses Collection

Trendget Wedding Dresses Collectioncollection aims to reveal the goddess in you to. Styles of Trendget collection are made with brocades, silks and finest in Europe printed fabrics. Each piece is meticulously stitched to create clothes and dresses that marry harmoniously the body lines.

With gentle shades of petals, crisp and creamy white and ivory white, and silhouettes scanning Cut from lush silk satins, crepes, chiffons and organza, the wedding dress Rivini collection flows with a purity of line. It is a feeling of sublime luxury and discreet ornamentation. Subtle finishing touches include soft folds and creases, beading, sub-transparent fabric panels, seductive illusion, and a variety of sewing techniques and styles.


Fashion seems to be pink dresses brides! White is abandoned for pink, soft and marshmallow ...

An original color, a symbol of romance, love, sweetness and femininity.

Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon or Gwen Stefani jumped not. Why not you?

Jul 2, 2013

Summer Street Beat

Tight blue vest + printing package hip skirt + flat shoes

Slender legs, you want to show off your legs or proportion is more beautiful, wish to choose slightly high waist pack hip skirt, with a tight-fitting vest, highlighting the breast shape more sexy.

Letter T-shirt dress + high-heeled sandals + Clutch

Wind movement full of letters dress, skirt is a combination of irregular mesh skirt, with a black high-heeled sandals proportion of elongated legs, even the clutch is black, ALL BlaCK handsome and sexy styling.

Gaocha black shirt + white + black pointed high-heeled shoes skirts + Black Clutch

Elegant and feminine posture, simple black and white gas field full, black shirt slightly improved, roll up their sleeves + clothes knotted, with a white waist Gaocha bust, sexy extreme.