Oct 20, 2011

You Don't Love Me,I Don't Care!

I guess all the design choices you make in your wedding make some kind of statement. But what if the statement you want to send to your nearest and dearest is a little different, a little unusual, not quite as cookie-cutter as the wedding industrial complex would like?What if the statement you want to send is not so much "We love each other!", and more "He doesn't want to marry me but I'm going to make him do it anyway?"

There are women out there who choose to top their cake with this: 

Why not just nail his head to the trophy wall of your billiard room? It would send the same message, and I bet he'd prefer it.

Oct 19, 2011

Oct 18, 2011

Creative Bags

Shredded beef, cheese and pork for you-Lady gaga's favorite: