Jan 7, 2014

Winter wedding trends

Cold weather accompanied the wedding feast in winter , so it is no matter what is the clothing of the couple. Brides have to weigh what kind of dress they need during the cold months . It is preferable that it be of sufficient warm dense matter such as taffeta , velvet or other fabric, possibly with long sleeves. If you do not like the sleeves can replace them with suitable gloves. Trendget Winter Wedding Dresses shops offer different types , patterns and lengths of this sophisticated bridal accessory.

Winter is a season that provides all brides excellent opportunity to experiment with the colors of the winter wedding dress and accessories. They can safely choose a dress in an unconventional color - red, blue, pink ... Of course , the ladies who like discreet tones could safely bet the dress in white or coffee color . The dresses , designed in rich color shades , as a rule , is very effective against the white snowy landscape. Winter is the season and on collars and cloaks , which will add even more attractive outfit , and will be of practical benefit to the movement of the couple outside.

In the winter edition of the wedding catalog will also find attractive offers for the wedding of hotels , restaurants, catering companies , wedding agencies. In the magazine you will also find a wide selection of engagement rings, wedding rings, jewelry with pearls and precious stones wedding invitations and cards for guests , offers gifts , wedding lists and honeymoon , bridal bouquets and flower decoration , wedding cakes and loaves ; DJs, video and photo services; decorations with balloons , pyrotechnics , fresh ideas for makeup, hair and perfect figure , very special and funny text information .

Jan 6, 2014

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hairstyles are very important part of the vision of all brides because it complements the outfit, jewelry , accessories and facial features detected . It should bring a sense of romance and luxury , whether it is attached to the veil , nice hat , tiara or other hair ornament .

Today we decided to give ideas for sensual hairstyle of brides who have long hair. You have two main options that can be modified in different ways - released or raised hair. Choice made , depending on the design of the dress and selected jewelry.

If your dress has an open neckline can let her hair down , but otherwise the bun is a better option. Massive glittering jewelry - necklace or earrings would also be highlighted much more if your hair is piled .

Jan 5, 2014

Fashion Finds of The Week : Stylish Hats

The hat is one of the most essential and necessary accessories in the cold winter days. It complements perfectly the vision , when the mood is consistent with the overall styling .

We know many women who refuse to wear the hat , claiming that most models do not go and spoil chic outfits broadcast them . These arguments, however, seem to be quite unsatisfactory, because the abundance of different designer hats is so great that one can not find the model that suits you .

Today we decided to focus your attention precisely to elegant hats that are more aesthetic function , but along with lowering the discomfort of low temperatures .

If you are a connoisseur of fine vision choose type fedora hat , sophisticated Chapel beret with French twist or feather pattern type cap that sounds ultra chic in combination with the current long-haired fur coats .

eMODNO inspiration from the Fashion week :

On the market you will find plenty of unique options that can bring comfort and elegance to your fashion ensemble. We offer several beautiful hats online store boohoo.com.

Party Guide from Jimmy Choo

All now feverishly preparing to send the old year to celebrate solemnly the coming 2014 . We are sure that our readers will cross the threshold of the new year with style! The perfect accent to the vision , of course, women's shoes are chic !

If you are still wondering what are they for the New Year , check out the unique creations of Jimmy Choo and inspired by its glamorous and elegant . Even if you can not afford such creations are sure that you will find worthy " slippers " for princesses, to insist on his finesse .

This season Jimmy Choo delight connoisseurs of luxury shoes with a great "Party Style Guide", to direct them to the latest trends on which to wager for all special occasions. Holiday footage from the catalog carry a great mood .

The designer need to re trend - shoes and bag in one style . Spectacular brocade , metallic details and straps give a stunning figure of shoes , sandals and boots . Classic black shoe takes its significant place in the party 's vision and audacious babes recommend red accessories or sandal with fringe and current in leopard style.