Sep 21, 2011

Stars Personality-LADY GAGA Part 1

Modelling special

She can look into a rocket firm the bowknot Christmas gift and good friends with great aplomb, this tea even in star seem to be happy without the "mix" must take on her body, but like the norm as can be seen everywhere. According to understand even her father also cannot bear to see his daughter go out, more than once said in public discontent. She seemed to early ready a series of rhetoric to cope with all sorts of criticism: "he actually didn't understand me, I do so to my grandmother. Her old man's house is older, eyes not dressed like this, only she can recognize me." This excuse sounds is actually pretty meet her parody I corporates humor.

In fact, if you carefully enough, GaGa actually would have in the song sing her heart: "How did I turn my shirt inside out" (my shirt How to wear the reverse?) Implication: I wear what, it's none of your business? A pair of the NiuQi who CARES.

In the MTV music video held a ceremony, GaGa appearance of the war dress is Dolce&Gabbana corset of heavy corset. We all know that she is not a fashion victim, on the contrary, she is playing a big fashion and fashionable circle, her every appearances are in a challenge to the fashionable circle and the mass of the scale of the endurance of the bottom line. GaGa once said: "I am not fashion brand product, I amuse create fashion!" Just like their as is a fashion brands.

Not before GaGa, dressed in a underwear on famous fashion magazine Cosmopolitan "three issue of the cover. On the cover of a GaGa is still as usual, but the whole body is being dressed only in a set of color, the contrast of underwear is strong. In a magazine article in the inside pages, GaGa is about his to readers in of fame on road to meet every bit of. When GaGa talks about her career, she said: "a long period of people do not understand me, and they are not say I 'too avant-garde', which means I 'too theatrical'. But I have been to this point have tremendous ambition." As for her love of on the stage, people can be more from reading between the lines of her experience, "my friends to my leg, said the stage I is a corpse. So it's my body in the interview."

Sep 5, 2011

Lady Gaga Style

If American pop music GaGa is 2008 new jin "WuHou" at the end of the year, was the music web site named the most worth looking forward to new star. GaGa if not only have the first-class sound, but also is a super line have character creation and cool the younger sister. If the GaGa bring not only in hearing the "high fire" music on the vision, but also wave brings "fashion", the National People's Congress accepted feast called cool hot individual character, can't accept people are ray to half dead!

From New York, Gaga if the city full of city endowed with her fashion beautiful beautiful breath, and many rebellious youth, as if, at the age of 22, Gaga filled with bold avant-garde and alternative, or even a normal eyes exposed bad girl clothes, yet at the same time Gaga if is a pianist and accomplished songwriters. From early childhood to music show Gaga if high sharpness: four years old of self-taught on both ears and learn to listen to piano playing, 13 years old world a lyrical creation writing a song, every year in publicly picked up a microphone singing; In order to exceed the optimal result, 17, Gaga if that skip a grade into New York university to study music department. Gaga if only 20 years old age was appreciated by Interscope, signing for singer/groups write its songs.

And some once many injuries than not small family is not the same as the girl if Gaga was born in New York, the article economy

A affluent families, parents are The infamous Italian businessman, from small and she enrolled in The Sacres Heart this only takes The Catholic schools, rich noble of her neighbour is Kennedy family seed or The Hilton Hotel heir such characters. Immersed in a very like the Girls "Gossip as high a collection of the ShiZu two place, it is not difficult to understand if you Gaga grew up with the perfect setting of independence. Early in her "night red", has been before blasting for Britney Spears's popular album written two song, it looks quite have appreciated. Look, originally the somebody else is itself a prodigy. Because brilliant, and extremely fashionable power.

The butterfly bun, neat bang likewise, white hair, thick to the fullest eyelash creams, "electrician" sunglasses, gelatin coating, paint corsage, tight triangle pants, three-dimensional structure coat, nude color... These fashionable evening dresses pieces almost make a bright, labels type-Lady Gaga Style.