Jul 2, 2013

Summer Street Beat

Tight blue vest + printing package hip skirt + flat shoes

Slender legs, you want to show off your legs or proportion is more beautiful, wish to choose slightly high waist pack hip skirt, with a tight-fitting vest, highlighting the breast shape more sexy.

Letter T-shirt dress + high-heeled sandals + Clutch

Wind movement full of letters dress, skirt is a combination of irregular mesh skirt, with a black high-heeled sandals proportion of elongated legs, even the clutch is black, ALL BlaCK handsome and sexy styling.

Gaocha black shirt + white + black pointed high-heeled shoes skirts + Black Clutch

Elegant and feminine posture, simple black and white gas field full, black shirt slightly improved, roll up their sleeves + clothes knotted, with a white waist Gaocha bust, sexy extreme.

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