Sep 3, 2013

2014 Wedding Dresses - Part 1

2014 has been a grand wedding new exposure, the entire series contains short paragraph, fish, and other princess style, each piece is addictive. Contrast 2012 wedding, 2013 wedding continuation of the classic style, I do not know what season do you love?
Marchesa Marchesa is the Chinese name, is a British emerging brands by two young female designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig was founded in 2004.
Marchesa (Marchesa) evening dress skirt high attention to detail, embroidery and drag skirt tail oriental aesthetic sense, and more on the characteristics of modern women embody elements that make Marchesa (Marchesa) custom gown unique. Focus on the wedding dress material marchesa born less than a decade and quickly captured the hearts of many girls.

Marchesa's 2014 wedding dress in expensive fabric material, fine sewing, tailoring specific rushed win, win European and American actress ladies in hot pursuit.

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