Sep 9, 2013

12 Constellations Evening Dress - Part 4

How to show sexy mature woman sexy side? Smart woman certainly can not be overlooked on the night party, sexy party dress choice. Evening dress is a kind of "attitude", it means you are ripe flavor and taste. So, 12 constellations girl for the kind of beautiful and yet sexy party dress personality? Different constellations for different attire, so you develop their femininity!

Capricorn is the most emphasis on the details, so the chest fold design, waist bow skirt cut are their focus.

Bottle focus on rational, so rational smoke gray and not too many fancy dress tailoring the most suitable water bottle.


Pisces like small romantic little dress in the choice of the time could not escape her small woman plot, so fantastic colors and cute waist design is their focus, in particular, a little elegant feel of the fabric for them is the most good choice.

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