Sep 5, 2014

DIY: Textile Bracelet with Beads

We're a creative-minded, so today we continue with our tips for fashion creations that can quickly and easily make all alone in this home.

Details of a vision are what make it special and reflect your personal attitude towards style. Jewelry is a very important element of your transmission, and imagine how it would be nice to you all compliments of accessory created by themselves vas.Zatova decided to show you interesting example of beautiful textile bracelet decorated with beads shaped like flowers.
Required materials: cotton ribbon; various beads (type decorative crystals); clasp; end bracket; glue; toothpick and pliers.

How to design a bracelet? First we advise you to cut the ribbon of length, consistent with the circumference of your hand and leave extra around 1.5-2 inches to to fold and insert into the bracket. It is glued on both ends of the strip and is compressed with pliers well.

Arrange the beads in the shape you want to form before they stick. Then place a small drop of glue on a leaf with a toothpick carefully put glue on their backs. Then glue and press firmly. Finally place the buckle and enjoy your new acquisition!

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