Sep 16, 2014

AIN Mistakes When Buying High Heels!

How long you wear the same size shoes? Maybe years? But it is important to know that your feet are constantly changing due to aging, uploading or downloading pounds pregnancy. The site Fimeyl First three essential mistakes that women who buy so their favorite high heels.

Mistake number one - buy shoes that are not now

Always buy shoes that you are now. People keep trying shoes, especially when they are in sale as you say, "my little shake" and then convince themselves that in time the given pair will expand. In nine of ten cases this does not happen, at least not enough to make you feel really comfortable. Do not buy high heels in the hope that they will become in the future. Also most people one foot is larger than the other, therefore, when you buy shoes, try the larger foot.

Mistake number 2 - buy high heels morning

Shop high heels at the end of the day when possible. Our feet swell at the end of the day and it gives a more accurate idea of ​​whether the shoe is suitable for us.

Mistake number 3 - wear high heels too long

Wearing high heels for long periods is not good for your feet, in either the short or the long term. But let's be honest, every woman likes a nice pair of heels to complement the perfect outfit for the day. If you wear heels at work or a night out, try to wear comfortable shoes with you so that you do not need to have high heels for a long time. When you have finished working with the event or out, replace high heels with a comfortable pair of shoes.

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