Mar 11, 2015

I like Baymax - Big Hero 6

The movie Big Hero 6 has delighted audiences of all ages and the biggest reason for itssuccess is the film`s highly-squeezable hero, Baymax. The soft-spoken robot begins the story as a personal healthcare assistant and ends it fully weaponized, morphing into a rocket-fueled superhero thanks to his newest buddy, Hiro Hamada. These are the top 10 coolest things about him:

10. He Comes With His Own Docking Station
Baymax can be stored compactly and out of the way as he deflates into his own personal docking station about the size of a toolbox. He`s a practically-built piece of artificial intelligence.

9. He Can Diagnose Any Health Problem
Baymax was designed by Hiro`s older brother, Tadashi, to “heal the sick and injured” as a personal healthcare assistant robot. So his diagnosis capabilities are seemingly endless. He`s equipped with a happy face diagnostic scale, defibrillators in his hands, and an admirable bedside manner. He`ll tell you, “There, there, it will be alright” if you are his “patient” and he won`t leave you alone until you`re well again.

8. He Loves Animals

Baymax is a protector of all life forms and that includes Mochi, Aunt Cass` Calico housecat. He likes cuddling up with the little furball and ensuring his safety.

7. His Soothing Robot Voice and Face
Not only does Baymax heal the sick, he does it with a relaxing voice that patients of all ages would find comforting. Voiced by Scott Adsit, Baymax will follow instructions, but he`s not immune to the occasional robot misunderstanding. He`s also simply designed so he`s incredibly easy to love, like Hello Kitty.

6. Baymax Gets “Drunk” When His Battery is Low
One of the funniest scenes in Big Hero 6 is when Hiro has to sneak Baymax back into Aunt Cass` house. The robot`s battery is low and Hiro gets a taste of Baymax the drunkard as the big guy deflates and has trouble walking and talking.

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