Jun 19, 2013

Olivia Palermo TOP Style

Dress Queen Olivia Palermo - what are nice shape it? Everyday outfit her good dress, the dress is always popular. Here Xiaobian inventory of street shooting Olivia Palermo year TOP 10, together to learn about her to the essence of it.

TOP 1: pink jacket, a red bag all showing the sun and lively.

TOP 2: This body is absolutely LOOK retro, little black dress plus jacket has enough gas field, pointed black lacquer boots black hand bag, the last match on a black sunglasses, very COOL.

TOP 3: Fashion Week show off street shooting, clever use of a contrast color, while the gray pants and let the entire body with very harmonious.

TOP 4: It can be said is the most beautiful little black dress up. Sweet and handsome boyfriend of Olivia While wearing solemn appearance, but it does not seem cold.

TOP 5: private cocktail party for Olivia, a very elegant outfit hostess gas field.

TOP 6: Fur splicing small suit is definitely this season's popular single product, with fluorescent colors and the atmosphere bottoming shirt printing casual pants, leopard pointed shoes, different elements MIX is praise!

TOP 7: elegant ladies retro styling, full of thick British style FEEL.

TOP 8: Winter fashion outfit, very wild camel fur vest, knee boots very significant good legs.

TOP 9: Black + orange ink sense of pattern, the perfect blend! Very beautiful hollow heels

TOP 10: Light gray loose sweater with a nude-colored bow tie waist skirt cake very elegant, pointed metallic heels add fashion degree.

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