May 16, 2013

2013 Summer Sexy

Summer got to play the wind out of emotion, but the halter show legs already commonplace, accidentally fire look flashy unbearable, so new hollow bare elsewhere will be even more a little taste, try the next strapless T-shirt or a backless dress, absolutely everyone's eye inadvertently spike

sexy single product: oblique chiffon T-shirt
Pure black chiffon inclined shoulder T-shirt, both fresh and unique fold lotus leaf sleeve and hollow hemi fascinating and charming and not so direct, the charm! Match on black chiffon high waist shorts, exposing the legs more tall.
sexy single product: short T-shirt
Again this year resurgence bunt small T-shirt, more simple and a sense of geometry, solid color sports wind is the perfect fusion in which, with the high waist chiffon split skirt, black and white with the classic, elegant and sexy.
sexy single product: a strapless dress
The bright lemon yellow, pure and pretty! Geometric cutouts of the sleeve part with a bit simple and the atmosphere sexy feel fine waist belt and elegant length to the knee length, make you charming and pretty.
sexy single product: oblique T-shirt
The thin oblique T-shirts bring a rich bohemian emotional, with the same loose trousers and exaggerated national air accessories, the exotic Jiaoqiao and whims lot of flavor!
sexy single product: petals oblique T-shirt
The 3D effect is a sense of Rose Print, pure white even more elegant atmosphere! Flirting small oblique sexy style chiffon with Solid Organ dress, your city and Sen female style perfect fusion.

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