May 8, 2013

Alexis Bittar Jewelry in the spring & summer of 2013

Alexis Bittar Jewelry in the spring and summer of 2013 is still in use Alexis iconic materials - transparent synthetic resin and sub-precious stones. In addition to displaying a transparent synthetic resin crystal clear sense, some bracelets frosted, fill in the charming paint colors and accessories with a chic touch and beauty. Asian gem mosaics with a rough and primitive feeling, but there is no cheap feeling. Alexis works never to follow the trend, it is difficult that he can create a trend, but he created something more precious than the trend, and that is through the ancient and modern timeless beauty

Good works to be appreciated is a natural thing to do, Alexis, with his design jewelry from the street stalls until senior department stores, to the top big, seem to be a matter of course.

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