Nov 14, 2011

The Charming Cocktail Diamond Wedding Rings

The charming cocktail diamond rings is very popular among the famous brand show. Now days the vogue brides are also likely to buy a special cocktail diamond ring as the wedding ring.

The colorful cocktail wedding rings are different from the simple ring. It is more beautiful and fashionable. From the Mai Tai Blue Sea cocktail to rapturous manna, and fruity Lemon Fizz and Raspberry Daiquiri, count skillfully with colourful ring studded with sparkling gem, is a classic cocktail was revamped. To be cut into a variety of fruit shape gem, like blooming cherry, fresh lemon and fruit attractive watermelon, fragrant, filled with fruit flavor, can not help but coveted.

Look at this special design lemon style cocktail wedding ring. LEMON FIZZ to olivine (weighing approximately 2.07 carats) with yellow spar (weighing approximately 24.50 carats), burst out of the fresh lemon fragrance. Pillow shaped cut Aquamarine ( weighing approximately 28.03 carats) and 13 Fiery Opal ( weighing approximately 3.18 carats), people can not help but to indulge in Blue Sea nectar.
This Green tourmaline Mojito design cocktail wedding ring will give you a big surprise if you wear it in your wedding.

Customized, can design their own, will be the exclusive love of two elements into them, carve lover’s handwriting, meet the unique fashion out of the ordinary, to create a unique personalized fashion ring.
The line is concise and clear, ring surface corrugated design fashion personality, like Plaid casual shirt, T-shirt, jeans T groom can choose corrugated ring, with a very casual style. Even if you are willing to wear Marc Jacobs decorative ring, the ring will not only such.

The Lord of the rings and the cambered design 3 carats round cut diamond, almost all the perfect wedding ring represents a very simple design, but revealed a sense of the atmosphere.

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