Nov 15, 2011


Beyonce Giselle Knowles, the famous American pop diva-class singers, perfect sexy goddess. Former U.S. Women's idol group "Destiny's Child," a member of group disbanded in 2002, still loyal to the music, alone in the music development. Beyonce has a musical talent beyond the ordinary, beautiful black female singers rarely face, makes it difficult to refuse a sexy body, miraculously less than a year to become the focus of the United States and the world of entertainment, many times awarded the Grameen Grammy awards.

American music has never been a lack of sound is not outstanding R & B diva, there are some the world's best female singer hot spot, with the same good shape as the even more numerous. However, there are like who are charged with destiny in general, nothing can stop her stand out. 9-year-old debut, eight years later won the highest level on behalf of black music's three Soul Train Awards, 20 years old, on behalf of the nation's highest honor, the Grammy music player trophy into her small foregone conclusion. Countless men dumping her graceful figure, and hand king Jay-Z is the envy of the girls were jealous. Which girl and she is not glamorous Allure, which actress and she is not brilliant, which is not the singer's acting career as her envy. She is always unique chocolate beauty, she is a new generation of super days - Beyonce.
Recently became the Grammy's Beyonce coming days, more and more concentrated flavor of a superstar than the previous image in terms of hot dance sing, and now she is much more elegant and modern taste. How to jump to the star it taste strong?
Nude-colored stripe dress with hip combinations of package style gold earrings and rings in India
Beyonce Macy department store heat to promote new fragrance "Heat" Grammy days after the big kiss sweet and careful people to send

Mopping the floor of the dress and metallic fabrics, so Beyonce as a female soldier. Geometry spell the waist, including the effect of hip more obvious. This design results to instantly improve the taste of her star.

Beyonce wearing a red Spanish-style red dress hip shoulder bag

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