Nov 10, 2011

2011 MTV VMAs in American-Part 1

The 28th MTV Video Music Awards were holding on 28 August in Los Angeles American. All the singers have a careful prepare of their evening dresses to attend the ceremony. Now we will discuss of the dress of superstars.

First is Selena Gomez, she is the child star in Disney Channel; she was released in the summer of 2009 self-titled debut album. Serena has a Mexican and Italian descent. 7 years old she was picked in the children’s drama show “Barney & Friends”, starred in a film called “Library Trek” TV series, also starred in “little brother Cole investigation and the Suite Life”, “Meng Hanna “and other popular children’s drama. She had also hoped starring “Lizzie McGuire” in a spinoff.

In 2007, Serena began starring the Disney series “Young magician” and quickly became popular. 2008 She has animated “Horton Hero” voice, and starred in the film “Cinderella’s glass phone 2.” In the same year she and a friend picked starring along with Disney’s original movie “Princess Protection Program.” She also animated film “Tinker Bell” sang the theme song.

In the ceremony she wears a floor-length train black evening dress with a pair of golden shoes. The golden color bag is the eye of the whole make up.

Next one is Miley Cyrus, this time she really chooses a bad dress. This stamp long dress makes she looks ten years older than really. This mermaid skirt long dress did not suitable for Miley Cyrus. It makes her plim. When Miley Cyrus sees her photos on the newspaper she must regret for her choice.

Miley Cyrus is also a child star Disney Channel. In the age of 13 due to the U.S. Disney Channel television series “Hannah Montana” playing the protagonist to become movie stars. Miley is a once in 1992 for the song “pain of broken heart” to cause the peak of the eldest daughter of country singer. Her name Miley is her nickname Si Maili shorthand. . Miley began performing small, age 9, she tried to start a career. In the “Hannah Montana”, she has a few works. The most notable is a small part of Tim Baer Dun’s “big fish”

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