Aug 10, 2012

Lace Dress Collection 2012

Lace has become one of the essential elements of the trend of fashion. Lace texture can have a luxurious visual, and can also be used with a small cool feeling. Its use is widespread. Today I recommend you lace styles of fashion.
Anything, silk skirt in lime green lace
Summer is the season bright, shiny button that makes us happiest.
This cocktail dress in silk lace neon green, overalls with a skirt of the same color, so that the skirt is more abundant.

Mina dress black lace bust
Mina dress in black lace half-length gown of lace fabric, exquisite workmanship, the hem is cut natural wave, the skirt is elegant and full of temperament. Mina, the UK, founded in 2005, the brand quickly became the spiritual leader on behalf of women's fashion and popular as stores selling dresses for all ages of the world of fashion.

Anything, Gold lace dress red packet
Gold lace skirt package red evening gown with short sleeves Lace combination of two levels, to show the faces of women and elegant raffiné.La great wall of red light at the base make this skirt is for catching jacket and it is the same shiny gold lace floral, rich layers of clear, with a charming luxurious texture.

Angel Baby, princess lace skirt
Short skirts full of romanticism, a large fold of the effect of soft layer of cotton cute, comfortable and breathable, the outer covering of lace, delicate fantasy, the superposition of different materials to create a sense of depth , full of youthful vigor.

EOIO di Milano beige dress lace embroidery
Dress two-tier combination of floral lace evening gown short, shows the elegant and refined women. The hollow design of the shoulder, back and sexy skirt the threat reflected most vividly. Soft beige sling lined skirt made a quiet tone, floral lace coat, rich layers of clear.

Red lace dress
Any combination of lace and a red skirt, to create the elegant and slim, to be the center of the crowd.
Bare pink background surrounded, lace red floral decorative, delicate and charming.

Black lace dress deep V-neck fringed
This dress is decorated with a variety of details, to show the unique gentle woman sexy.Translucide looming delicate lace, deep V-neck design sexy, feminine skirt and fringed at layers of filling the elegant and refined.

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