Jan 17, 2013

Ultimate Femmes Fatales in 1940's movies.

Picture by Adeline Rapon.

Dress: Vintage (Etsy)

Hat: Vintage (Etsy)

Earrings: H & M

Fox: Gift by Kasia, my stepmother :)

My dear Adeline passed me the torch of his series "The French," I metamorphosed into La Parisienne, through a whole century, from 1900 to 2000. In this photo, my Paris is a femme fatale who watched movies too black hair before sighing scalloped Rita Hayworth and the incredible creations of Adrian and Edith Head. She listens Swing and plays the diva in jazz clubs, not as black dresses and smokes a lot of cigarettes. Without really knowing why, she loves to imitate the attitudes of his idols worked the big screen, icy elegance and stinging repartee, keep dreaming to turn men after her stiletto heel. A shield of bad theater, history hide her loneliness, as she play nice suburb fatal, it is far too absorbed in the contemplation of his character to achieve anything other than phish old rogues ...

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