Jan 16, 2013

2013 Valentine's Day Gift

2013 valentine's day is coming soon , are you still wondering the gift for her ?
A sweet-smelling rose , or a  box of chocolate  ? but those gifts are kind of old school , this year , i would like to recommend you a very special one .

I adore the bracelet set and will be hinting for my husband to get that one for me.  The special pandora beads on that set is the Love of My Life charm, which has “love” written in 8 languages on either side. I’m not a hearts person, so I’m not a fan of this design, although I was excited to see the bracelet set with the pavé heart clips.  However, this is a great gift for husbands and boyfriends to give on Valentine’s day.  I think the simplicity and elegance of the open heart will appeal to many.

Yesterday brought news that some markets have began to receive the Pandora Valentine’s collection including parts of the US and UK.  For another look at the pictures for this collection, check out Prices for Valentine’s Collection.  The official date for the launch will be January 14th in the UK (however, many stockists have already received the Pandora Valentine’s 2013 Collection) and January 15th for the US.  Therefore, some stores may not be able to sell the charms until the official release date, including Pandora at Mall of America.

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