Mar 26, 2014

Pink Wigs

I love the feeling of those chic style.Even when you dressed up in a ordinary T-shirt, still special.Youth is gift of life.What do we like to wear changes with our age.Pink wig is for the twenties.Pink wig is for the girls that blossom like the spring buts ,curious like new born babies.When you walk in the middle of flowers,it seems like you become one of them.For the style of pink wigs I prefer lace front wig, straight long human hair wig and Pink Ombre Wig.The three collections that Fairywigs provide lots of items for me to choose.

16 Inches Straight Pink Human Hair Ombre Wigs

 24 Inches Wavy Pink to Blue Human Hair Ombre Wigs

 22 Inches Wavy Capless Pink Top Quality High Heated Fiber Ombre Wigs

Wig Note

Quality pink wigs, wig on the market, most are not real hair, so contain certain chemical substances; extended wear wigs on the scalp will definitely hurt. To pay attention to when choosing a wig wigs permeability, hair materials and try not to choose the kind of cheap, to minimize damage to the scalp.

Wear a wig during the night to pay attention to the best wash a head, remove the head of greasy dirt to protect the scalp and hair clean, sanitary, but also pay attention to shampoo and conditioner do not use anything to separate 2-in-1 useless, and more to do with the point of herbaceous plants shampoo, do not be lazy to be used for each shampoo conditioner, which can be integrated shampoo alkaline substances.

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