Feb 20, 2012

Discuss the characteristics of fashion 80 years

A: Can I ask you something? 
B: what?A: If I quote a few words, what time do you think?
B: OkA: fluorescent colors, pastels, stripes, dots, rhinestones, sequins, the explosion of accessories, earrings and bracelets in colored plastic. In short money and a sham "in fashion.B: oh my, you said 80 years of fashion. This is an era in light and tinsel year.Hey, in this article, we will know more about fashion 80 years. Some specific trends appear to be dominant over the 80 years.

The beginning of the decade is thus marked by the myth of the executive woman in a suit, with broad shoulders accentuated by padding prominentThe explosion of new wave inspired gothic rock or a trend that is both chic and sexy:stands out as the dark color of the 80s, while the jeans are worn with torn or fringed bustiers or bodysuits.Had replaced the pop disco during the decade and brings with her a lot of vibrant colors and satin, in a spirit Flashdance.The trend sportswear imported from the United States breaks on France with its colorful tracksuits and sneakers. Urban life encourages the development of comfortable clothes. In the workshops, the search for new materials better suited to contemporary life and day to give the technological novelty of the year 1980 mode: lycra. The time is finally driving the growth of foreign developers, and especially in Asia. The ethnic style of Kenzo seduced French in search of exoticism.In 1980. Games on the sizes and dimensions are also de rigueur, with a silhouette usually X: the hourglass figure contrasts with structured shoulders or oversized, with shoulder pads or puffy sleeves. The Skinny pants worn with a sweatshirt or a loose sweater dress and ankle boots, while the pleated trousers slightly baggy high-waisted skirt or the ball is consistent with a cleavage body.That's it.

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